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Wedding Bossness is a newly created website design that showcases proven courses and podcasts Business Gurus.

According to Paul Santiago: 

Ten years ago, I started my company, Boffo Video. We did 550 weddings in that amount of time and we’ve had the pleasure of going to the most beautiful places and eating the most delicious food for free! The best part was, we got to meet all sorts of people from brides to planners to company CEOs, and let’s just say, we’ve DEALT with them. Alongside the mountain of information, I’ve gathered through the years, that’s how we learned about running a business.

Along the way, I got to meet so many professionals and got to speak on stage at some of the biggest conventions in the world, namely on the Canon main stage at WPPI and Wedding MBA in Las Vegas. This is where I caught the entrepreneurial bug!

That’s why I started the podcast. I became obsessed with everything business that my therapy was to talk to others who share the same obsession. That is how The WeddingBossness was born.

“The secret to success is making the right decision, the way to make the right decision is through experience, and the key to gaining experience is making the wrong decisions”

Learning through mistakes is the key to success. It doesn’t all have to happen to you though. That’s the beauty of information!

The WeddingBossness is a place for you, the obsessed business owner who has been all over the internet, looking for answers. I want this site to be where experience turns into knowledge and it’s all yours to use!

My goal is to give you the information, help you find an answer, and introduce you to like-minded people.

Jim Rohm said, “You’re the average of the five people spend the most time with”

Now stop staring and let’s go look for the other 3!

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